The governor's race between a Republican who wants to roll back the federal assault weapons ban, and a foam at the mouth anti gunner (and Democrat) is very close in gun grabbing Maryland.
The timely appearance of a random sniper, using at least one of Clinton's darling assault rifles to kill Marylanders, could affect the election.
Some facts for your consideration:
Maryland is the home of THE NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY AT FORT MEAD. This is the infamous agency who can read your name tag from orbiting and geo-stationary satellites, while monitoring your phone, fax and e-mails, as depicted in the movie, "Enemy Of The State."

MD is a defacto territory of the District Of Columbia, where numerous diplomats, govt agents, high ranking service personnel and politicians reside in relative safety outside the district. DC is a black jungle, as is Baltimore. But, in between are some of the lily whitest suburbs I've ever seen. Want to guess who lives there?
Maryland's law enforcement used the dirtiest of tricks the night before a referendum to create their "Saturday Nite Special Review Board", which created a paid committee to review which guns are safe and high quality for sale to citizens in the state. Presumably when a bad person points and fires at the cops, the state wanted to assure that a reliable, high quality handgun would go BOOM. To effect this, cops used a SUBPOENA to put phone bank workers against the wall and disrupt the get out the vote effort on the eve of the crucial vote.
Maryland has ballistic fingerprinting of all new handguns now sold in the state.
Maryland scoffed at Project Exile, preferring to put the onus for crime on guns, rather than criminals.
If a liberal, antigun state changes course and elects a pro 2nd amendment governor, it would reverse the progressive federalization of the territory, and repudiate Bill Clinton's anti-gun agenda. This could happen, if Maryland's Chesapeake Bay waterfowlers actually vote, instead on sitting on their apathetic asses. But, most are Fuddsters who in the past didn't feel threatened because the shotgun raids haven't begun...yet. But, no one knows if the gun issue will cost the DEMS MD, the way it cost Gore The Whore House. It just ain't the Democratic way to rely on faith in the people, especially since Gore lost Tennessee and Arkansas.
It would seem that the primary beneficiaries of these random murders are; gun control groups, who are desperate to hang on to their conquests; govt employees and spooks, who wish to live in a safe, suburban "federal" zone; the police, because they want to monopolize the power of life and death and, the Lt. Governor, who is sweating the outcome of the governors race. Her family has accrued more experience than any other dynasty at turning tragedy to political advantage. She is Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, daughter of Robert Kennedy. The Kennedy family learned long ago how to cinch elections. John Kennedy's dad said, "I'll pay for a win in West Virginia, but not a landslide." Thanks to the mob and goon unionists, who spread around Old Joe's blood money, John Kennedy was elected. His assassination virtually assured Bobbie Kennedy's election as president, but then he was murdered. Both murders keep Ted in office, because of the collective guilt that is skillfully employed against voters in his home state of Mass.
Could it be that instead of hiring knee cap removers like the WVA election, the Kennedy's have a Mossad or other intelligence trained operative winning votes with a .223? If there is a plan, it would certainly explain why the shooter isn't concerned about capture. The MD police are his allies. And every fed and gun grabbing cop knows that, if you want to make an omelette, you have to break a few eggs. None of the broken eggs have been cops. Collateral damage, I believe they call it. Unless Kennedy Townsend wins the governors, race, she won't be president someday. Many powerful people are pulling for this sniper.
As stolen from a forum or something I found somewhere... Oh yeah, if I don't come in to work tomorrow tell Gizmo and my girl friend that I love them...