If a liberal, antigun state changes course and elects a pro 2nd amendment governor, it would reverse the progressive federalization of the territory, and repudiate Bill Clinton's anti-gun agenda. This could happen, if Maryland's Chesapeake Bay waterfowlers actually vote, instead on sitting on their apathetic asses. But, most are Fuddsters who in the past didn't feel threatened because the shotgun raids haven't begun...yet.
Actually {me realises you copied this} The bay folks do vote, however Baltimore seems to carry most of the vote. Also southern Maryland won the vote a few years back... Guess what, There was a re-count, and dead people up north seemed to vote. Democrat won after the re-count.

Baltimore is democrat. Southern is Republican. Baltimore is north, Southern is.... errrr South.
North has more numbers and crooks
South says sure come get our guns