Was that 13 year old boy hot? anyways hello think about it. He probably changed his identity and its my goal to get money for finding out everything about him. I think he has some connection to the other realm because psychichs have power but not there own and not from God but from Satan. He probably is part of Al Qaeda because this is ANOTHER way of terror and its happening in DC a duh. And don't we have heat detectors night vision goggles HELLO cmon they have the FBI and the Secre Service with them. HI TECH EQUIPMENT. and if he is linked to the Al-Qaeda i think this deal was made some time ago because you'd think theyd be listening in on a call or something. MAybe they communicated through hidden messages on the web! Hello have you heard about Anklit Fadia. He lives in New Delhi and he provided the U.S. security agency with info on steganography. Aren't we hackers too. Hello we can help to! His website is called Hacking Truths http://hackingtruths.box.sk i think he is the best havker out there. We can decryot and detect hidden data maybe thats what sniper is doing because he has to communicate with his accomplices and wouldn't be stupid enough to send them an e-mail or call them up on a phone. We're dealing with a very intelligent person here!