LOOK BACK SLASH you have some nerve!!! A lot of people come here illegaly and you have no idea how hard it is. A lot of this people dont do anything except cross teh broder for the sake of their lives, their children and their future! You betta think about what you say cuz over 10 million people in america are illegal and their all mostly Spanish. Aight and I bet you that your ancestors were illegal because they shouldn't deport anyone. Stupid people like you make the USA sad aight. With people lyk u Back Slash I woouldn't be here neither would my whole family or anyone i care about! I feel lyk going to your house BackSlash and breaking a glass bottle in your face bringing all the Mexicans all the russians all the Peruvians all Colombians all Cubans all Ecuadorians, all the people from Venezuela, everyone from Argentina, everyone from Guatemala, every single Dominican, people from EL Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Bolivia, Chile and every single other country that has illegal people livin in the USA! May you burn in hell Back Slash because bcuz u are the equivalent of Pat Buchanan and John Rocker! BURN IN HELL BACKSLASH!