umm.. ok. just want to apologize to everyone else for the preceeding post. i'm just laughing my ass off at how ridiculus damris sounds. so i'm sorry if i offend any of you innocent by-standers

alright.. first of all, i am in complete agreeance with backslash. all you illegal immagrants should be deported. it's not right that we, LEGAL americans that PAY taxes to OUR government have to end up paying higher amounts in taxes because of you illegal fucks. see, when illegal immagrants come here, they get free healthcare. they also get free public education for their children. and who pays for all the great free stuff? WE DO! that hard working people that BELONG in this country.
ya know.. down around the border of Mexico.. there are ranchers that sit out side and just wait for those little border jumpers. and then they shoot em.. and why do they do this? are they racist? no. they want to protect their property and land. is that wrong? no.
another thing that pisses me off.. is when we do finally catch illegals from let's say Mexico.. we don't ship em back right away. they go to jail until there are enough of em to send back all at once. and who pays for them while they're in jail? again, the hardworking legal americans. and who pays for having to ship their asses back to Mexico? we do, the hardworkind legal americans. so, who is getting fucked over by all you illegal fucking moochers who come to this country? THE HARDWORKING LEGAL AMERICANS!

ya know... it's not hard to become a US citizen. it used to be a lot harder 20 years ago. now a days, you only have to answer half the questions correctly on the test they give you. sure, it takes longer than just swimming across the Rio Grande, but hey, if you want to live here, respect the fucking law!

oh- and yet another thing: foreigners: if you're gonna come here.. and live here... LEARN OUR FUCKING LANGUAGE! sorry, but i really don't have time to sit and try to understand when some mexican is trying to speak english but can't really do it. so all i can hear is "blah blah blah blah i'm from mexico blah blah blah" yeah.. and it's not just the spanish.. i know the asians have a hard time with English too. But ya know.. if you are going to live in this country.. you really should speak the language fluently!

oh- one more thing - i'm pissed that illegal immigrants come here and steal jobs from actual citizens. what the fuck is that all about? yeah.. it's bullshit. legal americans that pay their taxes are out of jobs because illegals will work for really shitty pay. but do they have to pay any taxes on their income? NO! arghhhh...

and, that about raps up my rant on illegal immigrants. thanks for your time! and don't bother flaming me for this.. cuz it's just my opinion. it really doesn't effect your life. oh, and cuz Gizmo loves me.. at least he used to.. but it has been awhile since we've spoken!

"when you look around, you can't tell me honestly you're happy with what you see"