U people are so ignorant. U have to read the Book The Other Face Of America by Jorge Ramos. I am not surprised by ur reactions. Actually u know when illegal immigrants buy stuff they pay tax and most of us dont get medicaid or welfare. My first 11 years of life i never had medicaid or free shit my parents paid every fuckin cent. and illegal immigrants contribute over 100 billion dollars a year to America and u betta realize dat some people in ur school dont take advantage of white people we pay taxes in a way too and even though a lot of us aren't legal there will forever be illegal immigrants and illegal immigrants are people to. A lot of Europeans cross the Canadian border for jobs and all immigrants dat are illegal know dat they can't get jobs so they do things lyk babysitting and wiping windshields on the street the do dat for a better life bcuz if u think USA is tuff u betta check out SOuth America. Over their the law doesn't protect u. Lyk u know stalking harrasment. Yea there are laws but they are not taken seriously and its easy to be a citizen but not thru the immigration process. When u have an illegal immigrant friend u'll understand. They pain in crossing the border the deaths and we dont come here to take advanatge of u but to make our lives better. Oh yea JAMAICA! lol