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Well when I wear makeup...wait...I don't wear makeup...I use this silk effect lip balm stick, and I use acne preventative. heh, um I feel that women look more natural, and attractive without makeup. My last ex, she looked great without makeup...ok with it...but I really don't like makeup. Plus it rubs off, plus it stains. Liek, I'd rather have female perfume smell on me then makeup. I guess to some married guy a lipstick mark on a collar matters. To me, it's liek..uh...shit...I'm gonna have to pretreat that, and wash it twice. Though I don't think that, I'm usually spontaneous in everyday, it's just when I get still, sit in motion that I get weird.

well the color of flesh, a pale orange to peach color with a mix of reds in cases, some stark whites. Flesh is natural, skin is beautiful, it's erotic, and transfixing for the body/eyes/mind/spirit. I don't know who came up with the stupid idea of painting it, to cover it's beauty. Probably people not proud, and happy with their bodies.
Unfortunately, not everyone is born beautiful or even good looking, and makeup can help make them more attractive, something that nature, God or whatever creative force out there forgot.
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