Originally posted by Curse:
And what does godparenting entail besides taking care of the child if something happens to the parents?
Should something happen to the parents (and the grandmother) the godparents take care of the kid, thats about it... Well, the reacharounds are the best benefit, and oreo cookies...

Originally posted by Girlie:
Giz, you send me the link to this thread just so you can pick someone else?
What can I say, I love Sarah more lol...

Originally posted by Defcon:
a Mistress can be a Godmother....
Hell yeh they can, you give some legal rights to the misstress then whammo! lol...

Originally posted by Shinobi:
death to you will be long and painful
Shinobi can't be the godfather, he's my one legged, eye patch wearing, samuri sword bearing, rice eating, gay italian loving, ninja lover...
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