lol Giz. I get ideas for short films and stuff alot, then i either forget about it or it turns into a short story. The ones that don't turn into a short story are all about the way it is shown, the style, camera angles and color and everything, the speed especially.

I would really like to see a 2 hour action movie, where the only time awesome fight scenes or gun battles or crazy john woo moves aren't happening is when the people are running to a new spot. Like a team of 7 guys decked out in black ass kicking/shooting gear against the cops and mobs and stuff in a city, where there is no story behind it or any explanation or anything, just a 2 hour battle and the whole thing looks cool.

The people that make action movies should either have a good plot (the matrix) or stop trying to have one (james bond movies for example, should stop.)