heh. truth is always distorted. I know the book was distorted, but in Takedown, ya know they have to make it exciting.

I only hope kevin spacey is still interested in 7 years. Doubtful. Hmm, I guess they could make the movie, he just can't make any money off of it til 2010. If Spacey does it, it will be quality and realistic. However, deal less with actual crimes I believe.

Surprisingly, the movie doesn't potray mitnick in a bad light, it does seem to take a few low blows, and Shimoumoumoumoumoumoumoura has a cameo.
Written by him too. YOu would think he would have made Mitnick a serial killer hacker, and not had the part where Simoumoumoumomuomoumomura created a back door into every major network. Jesus, does that have to be in every hacker movie?