And no he didn't waste anything close to millions. He downloaded opensource source code to a program before it was released to public. I believe it was Sun mainly. Anyways, so when the wonder prosecutors attempt to put an amount of money on the damages, they decided to total all the money that Sun had used for R&D and money they could potentially make from the software.

So it was a fucking joke. That is like saying since you pirate a prerelease of MS, you cost them all the R&D time/money and all the money they stood to make it from selling it.

However, the source code was public knowledge when released, kevin never released it to public himself, and it was given away. So no, he didn't even come close to causing millions.

Just wanted to clarify a little. And I am not positive what other factors were involved in the amounts, but what I included was atleast part of what they used, which as you can see it a twisted and manipulated way of finding out what he cost them.

And I would be pissed if someone read my email, hacked into my system, or easedropped on my phonecalls. However, I do not think they should be put in jail for an elongated period of time without a trial, not be allowed to see any of the evidence against them, or serve more time then the average rapist/murderer.

Better hope you don't slip up sometime pacman, and then the government decides to make an example out of you.

Which, btw, the government knows they did wrong, b/c when Kevin spoke to Congress afterwards, many of the members stood and/or publicly apologized for the gross negligence of the legal system in his situation.

So I admire his perserverance, his ability to social engineer better than the most rico sauve motherfucker, and the fact that he is now doing something positive with his life and doesn't seem very bitter.

Not saying you can't have your own opinion pacman, i am just saying that your opinion is wrong.