For those of you interested at any of the jobs here at UGN Security I'm making a quick "Getting Started" just for you...

The first step towards any job here is posting about what you know, enter sections and make yourself known! Make posts, submit articles, etc.

The next step is usually becomming a news poster, these users require special permission to be able to post on the main site (IE the Tech News Forum); this permission is granted on a per user basis and only through applications.

News posters are required to post at least 5 stories a week with no minimum; this shouldn't be difficult at all with the mass array of news sites. You can find a list of news sites here .

Moderators must be active in the sections they want to moderate, this includes News Staff.

There is no pay for any work here at UGN Security, it is simply experiance only. For all those who do their job (and do it well) I allow users to list their time served here as time working for a not-for-profit organization on job applications (as long as they do their job at least somewat well).

Users who do their job for a period of a few months will have the oppertunity to have a free you[at]undergroundnews[dot]com email forward (or pop3 account).

You can apply for a staff position at UGN Security here . Please note that we only staff "active" members. For users interested in news please fill out the Job Application and Private Message me on the forum. All available positions require that you have a forum account and about an hour of available time per month. You can contact most of our staff on our IRC Chat Servers .

Are there any questions?
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