Yes, Renegades was like some kind of shit disguised as an RATM cd. I hate being the guy that says how bands sold out, and how their old stuff was great, but here I think it's true. This is their only cd that I don't like.

The Score, this movie was disappointing. It had Edward Norton (Edward fucking Norton!) and Robert DeNiro (Fucking DeNiro!!) and Marlon Brando (...well, he's that guy), and it wasn't a completely awesome movie. If you watch American History X or Heat and so on, you think, "Wow, what a great movie." Here, it wasn't the case.

Watch The Score, then watch Heist. The Score was supposed to have twists at every turn, but really it only had 2 "twists" and you could see them coming from the box alone. Heist on the other hand, is a great movie. This is the only exception to the "Any Bad DeNiro Movie Is a Gene Hackman Movie" rule.