hehehehe. well, i do love to argue with you SR. about the whole contrary comment, i got that one, just decided to not bitch about it. oh my god! yeah.. i let that one slide. haha. perhaps i don't give the matrix enough credit, but oh well. i don't like it and you can't make me like it SR! ha! how you like that bitch? hehehe. j/k. anyway... yeah. i heard it the matrix reloaded looked cool, but that the ending was lame. i heard that from two different sources. plus, i don't really have time to go see it. i have two jobs and am working on starting up the business with jonathon.

i still don't like CGI though.

oh yeah.. the reason i started researching Hitler was cuz when i was 13 i had to read a biography and give a huge report about the person. most people picked rock stars or famous athletes. i wanted to do someone in history, i couldn't do Caligula cuz it was all too sexual. so i chose Hitler. i wanted someone who was interesting and perhaps a bit misunderstood. plus our school library had a lot more books about him than about Caligula. i also gave Vlad Dracula some consideration, but decided against it because again, too hard to find info about him at the school library. (yeah.. our library sucked ass)
anyway, it wasn't because there is such a stigma attached to Hitler, it's cuz he was damn interesting and i couldn't really do the first two i wanted.
"when you look around, you can't tell me honestly you're happy with what you see"