Hey everyone!

I doubt most of you remember me, but I was the second adminstrator to be here when Blackbeard used to run the joint. I left on a mission to Africa about 3 months after Optix Illusions setup the first UBB about 4? years ago.I've lost track of time.

It's dissappointing to see some old faces but I've come to track down a few of the highlighted members. It seems Optix Illusions isn't here anymore, but I'd do what anyone would do and search the board for his name on clues why. It seems Optix Illusions and Gizmo had a difference in the minds. I got ahold of Optix and Blackbeard. Turns out Blackbeard owns his own hosting company and Optix is about to finish college.

I realize that people haven't been able to contact me. But I've found a few of you. It seems this place turned into a kids fun house. Being that by the looks of the posts most people may be under the age of 14? Not to put any disrespect but an army shows as their leader is.

So what's this gathering? In Portland, Oregon? Sounds like fun, but I think we have enough rednecks in Utah. Seems like you guys didn't set that one up all too well.

Also what I've noticed was the banners. UGN Security was banner free, and proudly supported. I still have yet to get into the groove with this place but I do plan on visiting this place now and then. Also the site used to be immaculate, now it's well, Very very messy.Also with the way certain disclaimers look, they don't seem to be able to be disclaimers that will hold up in court if anyone wanted to press charges on UGN Security

But still it's great to see that this site is still up and the burden was taken off Blackbeard. Also I think I slightly remember Gizmo here as a newbie. Wasn't too sure about it though.

From your attitudes I see most of you don't care, but Optix Illusions is now a part of Linux Lamers, and I remember Xuno, IceDog, and Predator who seem to hang out there as well. Turns out they all run thejoint (Horribly atm because of their conflict with having social lives). Last we heard IceDog and Optix are going to party in hawaii for 5 weeks (I wanna come dudes!) and they're setting up a conference in Cancun mexico from the rumors going around. (Seems like they've got their shit situated). Since the only people I knew aren't on this server really, I plan on being on Linux Lamers for a while. I also plan on hanging out at least until they finish the site.

I don't know how many of you remember me, but I'd be more then happy to hear from you if you e-mailed me. [email protected]

Until we meet again... TTFN

Titanium Fox