Total Cost (my cost): $927.52 (With wireless KB/Mouse, 19" Viewsonic Monitor, Cannon Scanner)
Total Cost (to client): $1476.98

If you where to buy a similar system from say, HP, you'd be looking at 2k+ for the system; kinda sad huh?

(Not so) comparable manufacturer prices:
compaq: $1,454.96 (therebouts, some of the included features weren't even a possiblity with this manu)

Dell: $1,690+ (this is for the base unit, XPS600 model; I figured it was worthless to go any further as this is even more than our base unit we built).

HP: Doesn't allow configurations of the ammount of ram, the closest feature comparison that I can make is $1250; however several of the features of the built system are more powerful than the stock HP crap...

Keep in mind, the built system is scalable at a later time, no prepriatary bs...

Seems my charge was about on the money hehe...
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