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A Newbie can learn and grow
You're just saying that so they'll go to RRFN :p

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Cluebert: Someone with no clue who will never have one
LoL. Hey you can at least give them an E for effort, right?

I think the flames are for people who have the wrong idea about computer knowledge (clueberts, if you will) People who ask questions about hacking hotmail and windows and such are the people who need to be flamed in order to knock some sense into them, trust me, it's for their own good. Untill people start asking good questions (questions that provoke actual knowledge) they will probably get flamed. The sooner they start to realise that no one is going to hack for them, and they need to learn it themselves, the better. It usually isn't until they realise this that they REALLY decide wether or not they want to hack, crack or do whatever else with computers.

Gizmo, how can Clueberts be the next generation if they haven't a clue? What kind of generation are you talking about? The next generation of computer users? Because they pretty much already are the present generation. That's why we have people like Bill Gates, to do all the work for clueberts. And the people at Apple, who make computers especially easy for clueberts, idiots, or whatever you wanna call them.

Newbies aren't bad people, they're just misunderstood [Alien]
aCK! I take that back, they're not misunderstood, they just misunderstand. There's a difference.
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