i got all excited when you quoted the violent femmes in the subject.. then you start talking about outkast and jay-z. luckily, you threw the greatest band in the world in there. Depeche Mode. otherwise i would have thought you listened to shitty music only

now, i know everyone says that Evanescence is just "linkin park with a girl singer" but they're not. if you listen to the lyrics they are so fucking awesome. i am actually really starting to love that band.

as for other music: i'm still sticking mainly to my DM and NIN. oh yeah.. Placebo is still a favorite. oh, ya'll should check out Tweaker. it's Chris Vrenna's (from NIN) solo project. it's really good stuff. oh, i guess i do have my guilty pleasure band that i am fully aware of that they suck. i still like 'em though. it's almost embarassing. oh well.
um... Social Distortion is another must have. And the smiths... and OMD...and pretty much any decent 80s music. 80s music is the best! da 80s muzick rulz!
"when you look around, you can't tell me honestly you're happy with what you see"