Shit, you guys missed so many good bands.

Radiohead is basically like one of the greatest bands of all time, they are amazing. Pedro the Lion fucking rules, awesome lyrics and his latest album "Control" is unbelievable. Doves have sick stuff, The Last Broadcast is a solid album. Coldplay is a great band, Jack Johnson and Ben Harper are amazing as well, awesome chill music with really good lyrics and soul. There's no way you could ever leave out The Beatles. Only the greatest band of all time, almost every single one of their albums is mind blowing, The White Album could have been if it was made better, but the songs on it are rad. There's some good hip-hop rihgt now too, Outkast and Missy Elliot are putting out some very good music. The Strokes new album is very very good, too bad Rancid's new album sucks, they've been going downhill, Dropkick Murphy's are rocking right now too though. If you want some awesome jazz, put on John Coltrane's "A Love Supreme", it's a rediculous jazz album. SO much good music, I love it, lol.
Cha want some w***up?