I've been following this thread now for a few days and OMFG why do people have to beg for an email account? Damn damn how low can you go. And what is so special about gmail? email from google? the 1gb diskspace? messages being stored on the server? geez, get yourself some decent ISP that has IMAP support, you won't get yourself 1gb of harddisk space, so just keep the most important stuff online. but hey if you want to have a backup of all your mail, you can do it always yourself. what does a CDR cost nowdays?
but i understand it completly 99.99% of all people are just lazy or just like to brag about the most lame excuse they might come up with. "hey look at me, look how 'l33t' i am with my gmail addy".
Never argue with fools... They will only drag you down to their level, and beat you with experience...