meh, about 50 dollars off, and kingston. But about the only difference in generic, and registered is price. Kinda like I'd rather build a lunchbox laptop with 15" lcd, and AT compatible rack(you can instert a atx or whatever if AT's go extinct, and a atx power supply.), to not have to deal with industry bullshit. But I'll take the expense, till I find one. No need to pay alot for higher priced "ECC", which registered always is, the progressive loss that unregistered ram gives is do to the memory controller. I personally don't think that loss is worth the bundles of dough.

AMD made their 64 bit processor, to be able to handle more then 4gigs ram beside it, if it's 1gig of unregistered there is loss in speed/such. If it's 4gigs a little more. But nothing a Operating system will read as extra ram used. That small percentage you could only see with a hardware diagnostics tool. Which I'm guessing not many of us here own.

Not much more I can say than that.
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