I think it's unanimous that this years, or possibly this decades greatest asshole is Rev Fred Phelps. Now for some proof:

From The AP Press, Posted by KLEW TV
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June 13, 2005

Kansas Preacher Announces Plans To Protest Idaho Soldier's Funeral

(BOISE - AP) - The Kansas preacher who tried to erect an anti-gay monument in a Boise city park says he's coming to Idaho this week to picket the funeral of a fallen soldier.

Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas, says God killed Idaho National Guard Corporal Carrie French with an improvised explosive device. Phelps says God is retaliating against America for a bombing of his church six years ago.

French was a 19-year-old Caldwell High School graduate and varsity cheerleader. She was killed June 5 in Iraq's northern city of Kirkuk by an improvised explosive device.

French served as an ammunition specialist with the 116th Brigade Combat Team's 145th Support Battalion.

Phelps says there is no reason he is targeting French specifically. He says his church will protest any public funeral of soldiers killed in Iraq.

Caldwell Police Chief Bob Sobba said he can't bar Phelps from going to the public funeral. It's scheduled for Wednesday afternoon at the Albertson College of Idaho.

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This is also the same asshole who owns the website godhatesfags.com. When are people going to put aside their differences and realize people like this need to go. I don't know why the Baptist Church doesn't strip this guy of his title. Atheist, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, or Jew, we can all see that deep down people should not treat others this way. Fucking people make me sick.
"Remember how much fun you had shooting spitwads at the teacher in seventh grade? Imagine applying that kind of attitude to actually fucking with Mitsubishi!"
- Jello Biafra