lol, mornse... my first draft of my very first song.. i couldnt think of anything else at the moment.

Originally posted by Curse:
lol, Mornse, he wrote it from a Blink 182 song, what do you expect?

Blink is great... tho alot of their lyrics arent great.

Thats the kind of music im trying to make ... the whole "punk rock" fun idea.

Im currently working on a fast pace song that makes fun of smokers and tobacco and all that shit. It will prolly sound alot like blinks "blow job" song, or queens of the stone age "fell good hit of the summer"

Benzene, ammonia, Acetone, Tar...
Might as well inhale exhaust from your car.

Thats what im working with.. black pimp.. email me at [email protected] w/ lyric ideas. and mornse... you can help revise if u'd like as well. All the lyrics dont have to make sense but i do wanna change that gay part, lol.
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