many people insulted him in a similar manner as dash, and you dont say shit to them, but you go ahead and call dash a fag? what is you problem? maybe you dont know what hes referancing to?
I know perfectly well what he was referring to, thanks. I do possess a grasp of the English language that is above and beyond the average 12 year old's. So tell me ohfuk, how is it that you can defend dashocker while insulting JONQUEER? I challenge you to take a look at 95% of dashocker's posts on this board. I see at least 200 posts full of blatant insults aimed at some other member, many of which are toward higher level members. I'll agree that JONQUEER is a fuck up, but defending dashocker does nothing but kill any shred of credibility left in that post. I'd really like to see dashocker pull himself out of this one, or see you try to defend him again. Oh wait, you can't. Your statements are full of holes. Sorry.