How IceMyst takes a shower:

1. tells gizmo that she's going to take a shower

2. 10 mins later after watching more tv turns shower on

3. tries to find cd to listen to cause the country station changed and now sucks.

4. 10 mins after turing shower on she finally takes cloths off & throws cloths on the ever growing pile of cloths) and hops in (side note, takes glasses in the shower if shaving. if not who cares if i can see)

5. sings along to japeness music that gizmo hates.

6. shampo's hair then soaps up then puts in conditioner (condition is only used on special occations cause it's expensive)

7. turns shower off and dries off (get bathroom soaking wet in the process).

8. puts new cloths on and air dries air.

9. tells gizmo to take a shower knowing there's only 5 mins of hot water left.

total time for IceMyst's shower 1 hour maybe more...
*Hell hath no fury like a womens anger and damn be the fool who gets in her way*

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