hmm Perg, your a geek:) sausage factory lol.

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mmm...what are you wearing? :X

what i was wearing? wtf?

Jalize It's unreal asking about the clothes you were taking off.

....ok seriously I thought Linkin Park - Numb was ejeet. But got damn, I'd never seen the video...:X that shit is uber elite. I love nyc though, and paris. I dunno that whole video is just fear.

LMAO ok, and a mentos ad just came on as I'm watching it with no sound, this guy is watching his date get ready in the bathroom through a mirror, and tests his breath. Then he pops a mint, and breaths in her dogs face. my surprised the dog jumps him, and full mouth starts making out with him, then she all walks out with this Wtf suprised look on her face to see this lol. Liek...your making out with my dog!

The creepy thing, is when I read this post, I kept hearing it in Patrick Bateman's voice like the opening scene to American Psycho. Try it.... its freaky


well I feel that I really hear it in a dr seuss type of a voice.


I get my legs, arm pits and bikini zone waxed so no need to shave.
I wash with coconut oil washlotion. My hair is gets washed with L'oreal Shampoo and conditioner.
"I dont sing in the shower nor in the bath."
My hot water goes on forever.
And after getting out of the shower, i walked naked to the bedroom.


all that's missing is like, some more ejeet rhyming.

but thanks jon;P You made me deep laugh, which I really...hardly do anymore;| which is sad because I mostly cry.


Showering alone sucks. I like company; male or female just someone.
And Bathing is a lot more fun 'cause of the bubbles...

lol, anything alone is suck. it's like being invisible in a beautiful place like italy, france, or ireland, even new zealand;/ para. Imagine that heh. What the real question is, is if the bubbles are coming from the two people, and that's why it's more fun?:X
Yea well I think a bath or shower could be more fun, with another person, just cleaning each other. Dunno why it has to get erotic, it doesn't. But if it does, and yes we are animalistic. Then o well, people lose control every day. Another analog is swiming in the atlantic with someone or without, no way to get home. That's what it's like, trying to find someone, what it's like to lose someone, love someone, take chances, get shot down, get caught in a under tow yet somehow make it back up because you just won't give up. I guess some people sink, and some swim. meh, btw my ex didn't like to shower, bath with others. So I never expierenced that, and my ex was my closest relationship yet so bla. *bites tongue* really...I dunno how that happened...but it hurt. heh, there's alot of things she didn't liek.

Onward to showering, I cleaned all of the bathroom a few days ago, all being scrubed, and cleaned. Then showered in the steam with the fan, and fumes heh. Steam is the best type of cleaning imo. It's pore opening, and just heh..well I lose pounds sometimes when I shower. In liquid form that's good cleansing. Btw I stopped believing all these statistics, and tests a long while ago. When I randomly noticed that all that shit has been said before, and done the same way with a small group of meaningless people compared to a bigger picture. Pretty much every testing is the same "testing shows that people that cough, because they inhale are more likely to develop lung cancer from 2nd hand smoke, then smokers themselves". If I did a test the same cheap, meaningless way any other place does I'd have the same fucked up examples of why when you don't do it right you just cause mass histeria, and confusion. Fuckin...yet still idiots quote these things to seem intelligent, to back up their useless garble, and to basically not have to get their toes wet to justify reality. Meh...useless to ramble over, people will never change, it's too feared to.
"Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
The frumious Bandersnatch!"