i cant tell u how much this overwhelming support has helped me through this trying time.

icey and countB have renewed my faith in woman, once more.
sintax just scared the hell out of me with his life experiences and words of wisdom, but i did take a lot of his advice to heart (il explain later).

i think im nearly done with this chapter in my life and after what i do next, i think id have found some closure.

xacex, shuttup! chronic masturbaters dnt know the pain iv gone through cos ur hand will never leave u! (unless it falls off from excessive use or u have a stroke)!!

well, heres the big news:
i got the pics of her sister.
but more importantly, iv got the pics with her sister and myself TOGETHER!
u were right sin, married woman love to experiment with their lovers :p
i didnt even have to get cruel, just brought up the topic and she pulled out her cybershot :p
i also have a 2 minutes video :p
remember u said ud be willing to host these images sintax?
well, PM me, il email it to u and if u could just host it for a period of a week id be really appreciative.
im currently trying to get into contact with all of the ex's friends to let them know iv seen the error of my ways, she was right to dump me and iv posted an apology section online for them to read/view...
so as soon as i get the number for the behemouth who influenced my gf into breaking it off with me, i rekon we should post it then.
also, i dnt think im going to tell the sisters husband. il let the ex do that for me.

also have pics of her mom. im tried in vain to find a 40something naked asian lady online that could pass off for her mothers body but i dnt think the internet hosts things this disgusting.
il try to photoshop that later.
my main priority at the moment is to get in contact with the behemouth and then the plan can go into action.

i apologise for my absense from UGN Security recently, but iv become obsessed with this idea lately.
(watch for my PM sin.)

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