Somebody posts a Picture or a Screen Caption of a scene, character, or other portion of a (or in spirit of a) film, television show, play, etc...

Users browsing the post make "funny" captions for what has been displayed. After 3-5 captions the person who posts the picture selects the person who made the funniest caption and that user goes on to post the next picture.

If the selected user fails to be able to come up with a graphic then they forefit their right to posting an image back to the last poster (who can either post another image or choose another user who had contributed on their last image).

UPDATE - Dec 12, 2005 - There is now a 3 Day Rule... If you win and fail to post a picture you forefit your right to do so. If the previous poster fails to want to post again (within a day) then anyone can post an image (first come, first serve).

Please keep the subject matter and graphics safe for all users (aka, keep it clean).

I'll start the show:
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