damaris: Actually u know when illegal immigrants buy stuff they pay tax and most of us dont get medicaid or welfare.
in response to that, yes. everyone pays the state mandated sales tax. also the government mandated sales tax. those are not the taxes i was reffering to. i'm talking about income tax. please don't try to convince anyone here that illegals pay income taxes. do you want to know why they don't? first of all, the employers don't tell the government that they are employing illegal immigrants because it's ILLEGAL. second of all, you need to be a citizen in order to have a social security number. you need that to put on your W-4 forms which you fill out and submit to the government. so, obiviuosly, anyone with a shred of common sense can understand why the illegals don't pay income taxes.
now, about the medicare and free public schooling. yes, i'm sorry to tell you that illegals can and usually do receive both of those services for free. why? i don't fucking know. if it was up to me.. we would have shut down our borders so long ago. we would be an isolationist nation. that is clearly the best way to go. but that's a whole new topic

damaris: and illegal immigrants contribute over 100 billion dollars a year to America
oh really? i think, and i'm just guessing here, that when you say that illegal immigrants "conrtibute" what you really meant to say was "drain." now.. if we put that word in the sentence in place of contribute.. you have a true statement. let's try it once together shall we?
"illegal immigrants drain over 100 billion dollars a year" ahhh.. the great sound of truthfulness.. now.. doesn't everyone feel much better now that we got that little misprint all straightened out? i know i sure do!

"when you look around, you can't tell me honestly you're happy with what you see"