aight look dont be all bitchy blackpimp cuz if u didnt realize ur username has the word black in it and i noe plenty of illegals that pay income tax and its called falsification and amnesty dont solve anhything and i cant believe no of u agree with me. u people are so stuck up! especially blackpimp who dont noe anything bout life and i am gonna slapo jonconely who does he think he is. Not all Mexicans are immigrants and i reallly didn't bother to read all of ur crap because u guys are bullshit. Look I was bron here and thanks to my parents it isn't free money. That is only a wronginterpretation of u guys. Many employers that arent lyk u guys hire illegal's because they pay less for them than for a legal resident and amnesty is very difficult but none of u know that and illegal are humans we come here for jobs not to take away ur money we practically avoid u guys so we can sedn money home so our country can be better and Cubans come here to be free from Castro so y'all are stupid ignorant bastards and bitches who dont noe what y'all are talkin about and i suggest u stop aight. Stop while ur behind!