alright damaris i agree you did make 2 good points but you miss the point illegal Immigrants do get hired because they work cheep. i know because in the summer i work next to them. this causes everyone else to get paid less and being laborers arnt really needed that much this doesnt reduce the cost of anything. ive also noticed that they do really shitty work and many of them are really lazy. i used to keep up with them when i was 13, you age. now i get so much more done then them yet they keep my pay down because it wouldnt make sence if a 16 year old white kid made more then a 25 year old jose.
you other point was that they send money home to their families in el savador and mexico. now that is deliberatly taking money out of the country. you said "we come here for jobs, not to take away your money". what the fuck do you think is happening when your parents or whoever sends money out of this country???your taking money out of the country you dumbass. how the fuck can you not see that? and you think working for shit ass pay doesnt hurt the rest of the country? jesus how can you be so damn stupid.

now if you wanted to make a valid argument you could point out the fact that the united states practically stole half of mexico a couple hundred years ago, texas up to like canida or some shit. we won a war, stole the land, and threw mexico a couple bucks to make it look ok. BUT YOUR TO FUCKING STUPID TO KNOW THAT.

people used to hate the irish because they used to flock over here mid 1800s during the "great potato famine". the same thing continues today. so id like to point out that this really isnt a racial thing as i know you asume damaris.

by your standards, ill be president one day. when that happens im gonna build a wall 50 ft high, 50 feet deep across the entire mexican boarder. there will be guards every 50 ft with sniper rifles and theyll be instructed to shoot anybody, first with paint balls, then with bullets. assuming they can get past the land mines, barbed wire, and attack dogs.