ok since y'all want arguments here u go adn this affects all latinos and immigrants even if u are not illegal to see that we help America:
1. The most important baseball players have a jersey with the last names of, Mercado, Sosa, reyes, Bocachica, Rivera, Rodriguea, Nunez.
2. Latin music is also big ex. Ricky Martin, J.Lo, Christina Aguilera, Gloria Estefan, Enirque Iglesias. and other ppl.
3. Everywhere u go u hear Spanish. Can't avoid it therefore can't hate it.
4. In July 1, 2059 the USA will be strictly all minorities and many of them will be illegal (have u ever thought that u can falll in love with an illegal?).
5.George W. Bush is the first prez dat speaks Spanish.
6. There are 35.0 million immigrants Note not illlgal.Reality is illlega immigrants get out of their country bcuz there are no jobs low education levels, and political conflicts.
7. in USA TODAY is says quote "The USA would not be succesful without the help of immigrants."
8. Immigrants are 34% of the employed ppl in USA.
9. Carlos Fuentes said that many immigrants are falsely accused of takin away americans jobs of ruining the economy and the nation but thats all bullshit. But these illegal immigrants keep on coming here because no one wants to do the job they perform and without them de whole structure of emplyment of the USA will be drastically runied.
10.In 1997 the National Academy of Sciences said immigrants add 10 billion
11. NOTe "Ni barreras mas altas ni nuevas leyes ni un nuevo presupuesto para la guardia fronteriza ni el ejercito ni acuerdos migratorios, NADA Se trata de algo mucho mas fuerte." EVery day thousands of immigrants cross the Mexican border and nothing will ever stop this huge wave og immigrants. Not the highest alls or any new laws or new guards for the border or soldiers or whatever agreement of migration NTHING its about something way bigger that drives us to the USA and nothing will stop this flow.