1] Baseball sucks, but aside from that you are listing rare exceptions and they are legal anyways.
2] I am confused. Was there a good point to this one?
3] I hear rap everywhere I go. I still hate it
4] What is the significance of July 1st? Just curious
5] Bush is the first president that needed the minority vote that bad. Remember, he had to run for office in Texas back in the day
6] OK. A stat about legal's. Where si the illegal stat here that you are claiming?
7] Excellent. You quoted a source, helps your argument when you do that. However, it would appear that is dealing with legals. We are referring to illegals.
8] Legal or Illegal? And what is the pro/con here?
9] I will check out Carlos Fuentes. Real quick question, that isn't your dad, right? Also doesn't this negate your #6 where supposedly all illegals take a peek, don't like it, and leave.
10] Another fact. Good. But try to show a pro/con to this. I have already shown cons.
11] Okay...

I am impressed. Most of your arguments go from a possible fact to unrelated assumptions or horrible speculation, but it is great to see that you are using your head a little and make it a much more intelligent debate than being all "gansta".

I will check out Carlos. I want you to look at some of your points. See your fact and the logical assumption you make afterwards. It seems you sometimes jump from a fact to a huge assumption, so look at those and ask yourself if you see where they are related. Don't bother posting what you see, just make sure you can link your facts and your assumptions together here.

If so you have a much better arguments. Sometimes it seems like you are saying this.

"US has immigrants. So that means they must need them. And if they don't need them, too bad, it is inevitable. Things that are inevitable cannot be ahted and will not change."

There is some flawed logic there.

Thank you for your attempt and success (in places) of some good points. I kind of went through them quick, maybe ill come back a lil later.