Ok well seeing as how this is programming i cant really write code in every langauge but instead i will use psedu which every language can incorporate

ok the challenge simply asks you to find y on the 1000th iteration where y=x*x*x-x+y
or y=x**3-x+y in other cases

well how do we do this first we need to have a loop to make it go through 1000 times
for x=1;x<1000;x++
this loop just makes it go from 1 to 1000
in the loop we just do answer=x**3-x+y
i do it like this to avoid any mishaps that might happen due to different languages
then at then end of loop
u just print the value.. simple huh..
so end result
initilaze values
c++ example
#include <iostream>
int main(){
int answer=0,x=0,y=0;
//or cout << y;
return 0;
Hope this helped you in some way
programming is a big part of anything to do with the computer especially hacking
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