10 Reasons why Girlfriends are better than computers :x

1. Girlfriends are cheaper to maintain than computers.
. . . cost of girlfriend maintenance varies significantly from model to model.
2. Girlfriends can become older, but never obsolete.
. . . no, only fat, wrinkled and ugly. I can always buy an upgrade for my computer.
3. Computers cannot iron your shirts or make your food.
. . . just like computers, performance varies from model to model, you always get
exactly what you pay for.
4. Cum makes keyboards SOO sticky - and you can't wash them.
. . . Try the disk drive but remember to cover your disk.
5. Girlfriends function very well during main current breakdowns.
. . . computers don't have PMS!
6. When a girlfriend makes an error, it is not ALWAYS your fault.
. . . if it's not your fault, then whose fault is it?
7. Girlfriends do their own routine maintenance.
. . . once you live with one, you will learn - they require routine maintenance
each and every morning, I just turn my computer on each morning.
8. Girlfriends' memories do not get accidentally erased.
. . . not accidentally, they forget exactly what they want to forget, exactly
when they want to forget.
9. Even if you have been awake all night with your girlfriend,
your eyes are not necessarily red.
. . . it's hard to argue with sex.
10. Computers are totally boring in bed.
. . . they don't steal the covers either.
"Hmm, they have the internet on computers now." - Homer Simpson