LOS ANGELES, Nov. 14 — Jewish Defense League leader Irv Rubin, who made a career out of confronting those he considers enemies of Israel and the Jewish people, died in a hospital after attempting to commit suicide in jail last week, authorities said Thursday.


Isn't it odd that this only received fifteen seconds of airtime on Television by all of the news channels? Isn't Conspiracy To Murder A United State's Congressman TV-worthy? Wouldn't this be considered terrorism?
And I love the positive light that they portray this guy in... They don't mention that he wants all Arabs to leave Israel, and now it appears he wanted to kill Arabs too.

Why is it a Jewish man blowing up American-Arab Congressmen is a hero, and Palestinians blowing up the Jews who took their land is a crime?
How would you feel if a group of people who is hated by you and most of you culture's people [lets use the Taliban for this example] took your land. One day you are being forced to leave your nice comfy/warm home, so some stinking Taliban member can move in or tear it down, and you go from a nice warm home to a little shack in a powerless ghetto. Wouldn't the thought of a Taliban man was living on your land/property infuriate you? The JDL says that they want as many Arabs as possible to leave the country and live wherever they want as long as it's outside of Israel. You know that the Ku Klux Klan and Nazi Party say the same thing about Jews in America. The difference is that the Jews are not native of the United States, but the Palestinians are the Israel natives...

Back to the point though... Why do you think the Mainstream News did not report Irv Rubin's arrest back in December 11, 2001 (3 Months after 9-11-01)? I heard about his arrest the day it happend from so called "unreliable", "underground" news sites. The mainstream media reported every anthrax scare, and practically reported every time someone farted too loud on an airplane... I don't think it's because American's were pre-occupied with Arab terrorism, since they still reported every time a white man did anything possibly terrorism related...

Now, I am asking everyone to do me a favor... Contact [Email, call, write, etc...], a major news network(s) [MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CNN, Fox News, etc], and ask why they did not give the Irv Rubin case the attention that it deserved.
And email the Jewish Defense League, and ask how they defend Irv Rubin's actions. You may want to set-up a temporary email account, because they may post your message, along with you email address on their site, http://www.jdl.org/dear_jdl/ [notice how they only show the email addresses of the people who criticize them].
Their contact page is at http://www.jdl.org/information/contact.shtml.
Please avoid threatening them in anyway, or resorting to petty cussing and racial slurs, this does not help at all...