lol oh man ok ill make a dream machine with stuff out now...

Ive seen this mobo that can support either 4 athlon mp's or p4's (forgot which one)
Get about 4 3ghz p4s or athlon mp3000 on that

Then i would have to get this board that does the memory remotly, its can hold like 10 gigs of ddr

I would also have to either put in a gffx or radeon 9900 when that comes in, (9900 is 256ddr)

not sure bout monitors, at least 21 inch flat screen (not flat panel, unless its those l33t mac monitors)

As for the hd's i would get about 8 250gig wd hd's in there setup with raid (number goes here, dont know much bout raid) so it looks like one big drive. 2TB, hehehe.

It would be pretty nice to have a good oc3 or better on that for an internet connection.

Not sure if it can get any better then that