On to more serious matters, I was just checking my private messages. Mostly I was curious if Frank was going to be a douchebag and send me a rash of shit. Well I saw some PM's that we exchanged the last time Andy/Frank/Crasy/Lafonda/Rowinwc/whoever sent me. Turns out he pulled this same shit in January of Last Year. What the hell! So anyway this was from a Private Message, and I think it pretty much holds true. If I've posted this previously then... well deal with it.


That's a really good start on a web board there bucko. You see this is a community that, well quite frankly respects our administration and their decisions. By arguing with Gizmo about the closing of a topic and verbally assaulting him you're buddy earned himself a ticket out of here. Now it could have been left at that since we really don't miss n00bs around here, infact there was a great sense of joy in IRC when Andy was banned. He's not the kind of person we want around here and frankly neither are you. Your post in the General forum was uncalled for, those issues are to be resolved through talking with adminstration, not by lame ass posts. Harassing staff is another thing that we really don't approve of because they really shouldn't have to deal with your whining.

Oh yeah

quote: we aren't trying to stir up trouble, the other forum on it is closed, and all that one includes is a bunch of guys like, yeaaah, U2 sucks man! thats not a real discussion, we wanna kno why people dont actually like the music/see the talent, so no point in closing a discussion just b/c ur not man enough to discuss it, or have the brainpower to explain it

Actually we did explain our reasons as to why we don't like that particular band. If you actually read the posts instead of skimming them, getting pissy, and posting obnoxious bullshit you'd see that we have our reasons and that' the end of it. Maybe you don't have the brainpower understand why we don't like that band and possibly this is your first time dealing with people with a difference of opinion. You two are close minded fucks who don't seem to understand anything about music other then the dribble you are spoon fed by Bono. Andy's complete lack of understanding about anyother musical form only proves this further.

In short, fuck off and get the fuck out of here, and take your ghey ass music with you.

And further more Negativland kicks ass.... yeah lets see if you get it without Googling it.
I saw Lafonda talking some crap about "speaking your mind" on forums and what not. You know in the 103" Plasma Screen thread he ruined. I think it holds true that while we generally encourage people to speak their minds here, in general you have no Freedom Of Speech here.

We close topics for reasons, we tell you to stfu for reasons. Mostly it's to prevent these things from happening. You may think registering a million nicks and causing such shit is a good idea, but you are really just wasting our time and precious bandwidth. We can tell you to shut up, we can censor your posts, we CAN close and delete topics at a whim. That is OUR right! Gizmo owns UGN Security and basically he and his staff can dictate policy as they see fit. This forum is not about free expression or U2... go to a goddamn U2 forum for that shit. This is for Computers, Security, and Community.

Please don't be like Andy....
"Remember how much fun you had shooting spitwads at the teacher in seventh grade? Imagine applying that kind of attitude to actually fucking with Mitsubishi!"
- Jello Biafra