I just got PMed from Frank:
hey gizmo

defcon just sent me a message saying that ive been ousted and he's near boston, referring to me as andy.

i told him the same thing i am telling you, that although you have no way of verifying the truth behind what i am saying, i am not andy. i do not know who andy is, i can only assume he has to do with that whole u2 fight scandal thing that paulpierce was referring to. I am not associated with him.

If you wish to suspend my membership, that is fine, i just thought you should hear my side too ...

Frank there is no doubt in my mind that you are andy, or are posting on his behalf...

Underlying factoids:
1. Andy pulled this same bullshit U2 crap last January.
2. You're acting just like him.
3. You're from the same area as him.
4. You're using the same ISP as him.

It's a small world, but it's not THAT small of a world.
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