Ok, theres a contest going on and since I cant post the link, well i havent asked, im just gonna quote what they put..

"We're challenging all hackers out there. We have a pair of computers -- a Mac OS X Macintosh and a Windows XP PC -- set up in a secret location, ready and waiting for you to hack. Both of the computers are running stock configurations with security features activated. We have not added any third-party software.

If you are up to the challenge, here's what you do:

Break into one of the computers.
Once you are in, place a plain text file on the desktop. Include your name/handle and phone number.
Don't do a denial of service attack. Anyone can do that. If you perform a DoS, we'll kick you off."

"The first person to place the file on each system wins. Stay tuned near a phone, because we'll call you and talk to you on the show to find out how you won.

IP addresses

Here are the IP adresses:

Mac OS X:
Windows XP:

Ok well thats it for anyone who is intrested, if you would like to know the link to this place, or give me permission to post the actual link let me know...
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