Gizzy you didn't respond to my question but oh well, we'll talk later.

Digital Geek nice to know i have someone from Europe here too eh lol, it will be a big problem for all us to come there from europe because we need a VISA (i wish i could have a green card).

Btw all these 2 past months i was trying to find on the internet a web were the GREEN CARD LOTERY was happening but i didn't search much even though my dad was buggin me all the time, than about 4 days ago after i posted something here in the UGN Security board then while gettin redirected back to the topic i saw a banner about the GREEN CARD LOTERY and hell i got so happy and clicked on that shit i was looking all the time, i found it and everything but the worst part is that, it' was 21 of this month and that was just the date when the registration had ENDED. huh so bad, if i could find just one day before maybe' i'd get a green card and get there for the gathering...

btw the webcam thing would be a great idea i think but as Gizmo said we need highspeed internet connection for brodcasting it which they probably won't be able to make due to the cost and everything else.

and ohh yeah Terrorizing people.. my favourite thing, i wish i could be there for this part, you guys could see the real bp in action then.

P.S. Gizmo if you can't make the webcam thing than at least make sure you guys take a lots lots of pics there and then publish em all in the UGN Security coz i hell wanna see ya'll, especially i'd like to meet some invidual members here.

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