Well I just rummaged through the statistics for 2004 and figured that I'd share my findings with you all.

Total (logged) BW used in 2004: 66.35 GB
Average per visit: 277.24 KB

Most Popular OS: Windows, 75.7%
Followed By: Linux, 2.1%

Most Used Browser: Internet Explorer, 64.4%
Followed By: Mozilla (not firefox which was 6.3%), 19.3%

Most Crawled: MSN Bot, wasting 4.44 GB BW
Followed By: Googlebot, wasting 4.44 GB BW

Most Popular Search Engine: Google, 114154
Followed By: Yahoo, 23990

Most Popular Referrer: Kestii.go.ro (content stealer; andySF's site), 13675
Followed By: PacketStorm, 4040 (only the top 4 locations where used as there are so many mirrors)
Followed By: Hackinthebox.org, 2037

Most Popular Month: September, using 8.41 GB BW (323005 pages served)
Followed By: November, using 9.35 GB BW (350416 pages served)

Most Popular DOTW: Thursday, 198.02 MB BW Used
Followed By: Monday, 200.95 MB BW Used

Most Popular Hour: 21:00 (GMT, 13:00 PST), 3.55 GB BW Used
Followed By: 20:00 (GMT, 12:00 PST), 3.60 GB BW Used

Most Popular TLD: .com, 23.07 GB BW Used (1500429 pages served)
Followed By: .net, 23.49 GB GB BW Used (1056653 pages served)
Interesting: .gov, 69.61 MB BW Used (922 pages served)
Interesting: .mil, 252.85 MB BW Used (3616 pages served)
Interesting: .edu, 880.95 MB BW Used (13857 pages served)
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