Good afternoon, gang;

I'm not talking about the occasional smart aleck we all have seen posting stupid messages on a forum. I'm talking about those who demonstrate anti-social behavior by coming into a legitimate site and posting time after time with insults, challenges to be banned, and in general ruining the atmosphere originally established by the site's owner.

I know of a certain person who has over 1350 pages that come up on a Google search, all leading to sites where he/she has left ridiculous garbage. The worst part of it is that this person has targeted an important forum where I visit to gain info concerning a hobby of mine.

I have too many projects needing attention to learn how to hack etc and besides, I am old enough that learning how would take me years beyond my life's expectancy.

But this person is so vile and so lacking in conscience that I would like to know a way of putting him/her out of our hair for good. Am I in violation here by asking someone with any ideas to private message me? Naturally, I'm not talking about physical violence. I and many others just want the creep prevented from coming into our forums.

All ideas will be greatly appreciated and I thank you in advance if you have one to share.
Help put Internet trolls on the endangered list