What I want to know is more about the techniques of omission the govt employs. Something not said or not done is difficult to detect and analyze.

Damn skippy that's hard to analyze! Sounds like the Tao... how do you find something that is nothing?

Very difficult. You could entice me if you had some chemistry-related info.

True thanks for the patent link, I've been wondering where to find that (not actively obviously) (the patent lists not the brainwave schtuff) for some time. I didn't have the patience to read the whole thing - does it work on _computer_ monitors?

"Techniques of omission"

I just figured this out! This is their ULTRA TOP SECRET technique of omission!

1) Acquisition of delicate information
2) Determination of public ignorance
3) Decision to withhold information
4) Preparation for feigned ignorance
5) Presentation of ignorance to media channels

Seriously, tho, I will do more free research if you can provide intriguing chemistry-related info. The government has prevented my brain from researching mood-altering radio emissions. lol

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