Well, the search continues. This is like looking for dust in the dirt. I'm starting to wonder if my faux/impromptu "techniques of omission" answered 859's question... lol

Again, I disclaim any opinion on the following data. I just looked it up because I read the news and I want to find out more and I find information that qualifies as disinformation. From the government. All the time. Any time. If I had the time to check old news I would expect to find the same thing - more dis/misinformation! Check it yourself if you don't believe me.

Anyway... another shot! (takes moment to double-check info like good researcher...) GOOD LORD!!! about to launch me into another tirade... No wonder the government wants kids to speak Ebonics! That way, feds talk their Doubletalk, and by language barrier alone a triple class division is created and widened. But I digress! It checks out... vaguely.

This demonstrates a very pervasive method of obfuscation/obscuration used by the (US) government, probably daily. The old "I told you so (and I told you yesterday that I would tell you today)" tactic. It definitely qualifies as a tactic of omission.

I got this from Capital Games , but I found the DAMNED links myself. This regards the CIA leaky thingy in the news thingie, aka "WilsonGate" (people REALLY need to get OFF the 'Gate' bandwagon). Anyway, the Official White House Mouthpiece(TM) (Scott McClellan) is asked on two consecutive days why the reps/whitehouse/bush politically 'attacked' Wilson (look it up if you live in a cave - Joseph C. Wilson IV).

On the first day (Oct.1,2003), he answers "The President is focused on getting to the bottom of this. We need to get to the bottom of this... and getting to the bottom ... we need to get to the bottom of it." (edited -- but NOT altered -- by me for clarity! [thumb] )

On the second day (Oct.2,2003), the reported had to ask the question several times to get the response, "I have answered that -- I answered that question yesterday."


Thanks again to unreal for reminding me that research involves facts! I could cop out and blame my unmedicated ADD, but I won't. It was sheer laziness. [snooze]


I don't know if this counts, either. This is supposedly from a letter sent by George J. Tenet , director of the CIA, to the White house criticizing the rationale to go to war in Iraq. "The absence of proof that chemical and biological weapons and their related development programs had been destroyed was considered as proof that they continued to exist.” As a good programmer should know, that is false logic. Not exactly omission, unless you want to call it omission of reason. At least somebody in the US govt has some brains.


I have made much effort to trying to stay neutral about all this, not injecting my own judgements and stuff. I think everyone should make their own decisions. I truly, deeply believe in freedom of thought, as a logical extension of our freedom of speech. You have to think something before you say it, right? So get all the info you can and make your own decisions. N-E-Ways... that's all for now. Have a nice day!

Awwwww... I even found good words from Dubya, in case anyone thinks I'm a hate-monger or something (although I REEEEEALLY doubt he thought this up himself):
"The United States, with other countries, will work to advance liberty and peace [somewhere else!]... The power and appeal of human liberty is felt in every life and every land. And the greatest power of freedom is to overcome hatred and violence, and turn the creative gifts of men and women to the pursuits of peace."
Same speech: "Do not destroy oil wells!"
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