One more "omission" to note before I run off to the kiddie table and beg for scraps...

The accident at the world trade center towers was the SINGLE GREATEST skyscraper accident in history, or at least in America. There was an incredible opportunity for various engineers to examine the structural wreckage, and learn why the towers collapsed the way they did. Doesn't anyone watch CSI? (It used to be kewl before all the spinoffs... grumble) Point: we are constantly coming up with new techniques to analyze "the wreckage" of crimes and explosions and stuff.

Example: I really am in Montana, and some researcher at UM is performing a archeo-forensic analysis of the DONNER PARTY (or rather, their remains) to see what they really ate to stay alive.

Anyway, with all this new technology, and skyscrapers being relatively recent and incredible marvels of engineering, as well as a most excellent use of vertical space... It would be in the best interest of the world, builders, and construction people everywhere to investigate such a massive catastrophe. There are many questions about why the towers collapsed the way they did (like a controlled demolition!).

I leave it to the readers to find the fate of the LARGE quantity of steel beams that composed the structure of the towers, and the resultant investigation into our nations greatest tragedy. Good luck.

"While the servant waits, the master bathes" - Mel Brooks
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