Alas... tis my fault for jumping at the bait so eagerly. Those of us with enough willpower and brains to think for ourselves need to be able to keep a steady head - it doesn't look like things are improving.


It has become too easy for me to find contradictions and misleading statements in what the US government says. I only have to look at one press briefing to find DOZENS of contradictory statements.


(These are from - this site appears to have all the press breifing transcripts and is an EXCELLENT research


"Question: [Israel] used weapons [sold by the US], you have political[ly] criticized the use of those weapons in the targeted killings. ...what more facts would you need? [to enforce the Arms Export Control Act]
Mr. Boucher: I am not going to get engaged in a process of offering a prescription for what people can do to violate our law. (Laughter.) ... [you're asking me to ] List five things the Israelis could do that would violate our law with regard to weapons transfers. I am not going to do that."

"Mr. Boucher: I would reject any kind of characterization that doesn't take [diplomatic] visits seriously. [...] We don't send people out just to have tours of the region; we send them out to ... find the parties willing to work with them."

"[RBoucher] That's about as far as I want to go, lest I move a market somewhere."

One more. This is an example of what I mean when I say "DoubleTalk":

"Question: Can you update us on the case of little Jonathan Colombini and his mother, who were scheduled to be returning from Havana to the United States today?
Mr. Boucher: In Cuba -- from Cuba.
Question: I'm sorry, from Cuba to the United States. Yes, isn't that what I said?
Mr. Boucher: Yes, Havana."

ANYWAY!!! I am getting tired of looking up all this political crap. It is leaving me with a particular distaste for my own country... I don't wanna do that, I wanna love my country and stand united with everyone else!!! Why is our government doing this to us?!? Why is it driving away everyone with a BRAIN and reasoning powers, yes POWERS, power that could be put to use for the betterment of our country and mankind and the world?

It seems like they (govt) are trying to divide us. Worse than the old party squabbles. Much worse. Government is not supposed to work in its own interest, it's supposed to work in the interest of the people. That view seems to be declining rapidly in Washington.

I have had this thought in the back of my mind for several years now. I think this country is headed for another revolution. The current regime has delayed it with the "Patriot" act. Many people are too scared to stand up for their own freedom now, lest they be labelled as terrorists. I just hope that my fellow Americans won't stand up for oppression without representation. It's almost like the government is expecting ... well, anarchy. That would give them an excuse for enacting a police/military/corporation state. It would give them an excuse for just about anything.

I won't state my response to that, because I am sure some DARPA spider combs through this board and many others on a regular basis. Big Brother IS watching... lol And I'm sure the damned spider speaks 1337 and all its variations, too. If you don't believe that... you MIGHT be a redneck! D@mn bots!

Enough ranting for today. I would move to Canada if it weren't so ^%$ cold up there. And if I didn't truly love my country. You don't have to wave a flag to be a patriot. That's nationalism... and it's rapidly approaching fascism. Personally, I would rather have a democracy... it would certainly be more interesting.

If you don't know what those terms mean, PLEASE PLEASE look them up. Here =

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