Uh...you need a program to create bogus addresses?

Why don't you make one? It'd be pretty simple: Write a quick PHP script like this:

$gender=0; // set this to 1 for guy, 0 for girl addy

$famname=Array("Smith", "Donelson", "Lopez", "Garcia"...);
$guyname=Array("bob", "mike", "george"...);
$girlname=Array("lisa", "allison", "elisa", "lucy"...);
$city = Array("denver", "washington", "houston", "dallas", "Austin", "redmond"...);
$street = "prune lane", "doofer lane", "boofme street", "yousuck highway");

if($gender) { $randnum=random(); // sizeof($guyname); 
$addy = guyname[$randnum]; }
else { $randnum=random(); // sizeof($girlname);
$randnum=random(); // whatever the PHP rand function is here, with a max of sizeof($famname);
$addy.= $famname[$randnum]."
$addy.=random(). $street."
"; // make that random a street number
"; // make this rand min 10000, max 99999
echo $addy;
That's a pretty rough script, but it's got a shitload of combinations if you put in at least 20 possibilities in each array.

Writing your own tools will make you less of a script kiddy. (Supposing you are a script kiddy, which I really dunno if you are or not...but needing someone to search google or write php for you smacks of it.)