I won't know if I got the job or not for another week, but yeah that's what I meant. I suck at the whole interview process. I get too nervous. They asked me questions that I'm never prepared for, and it caught me off guard because they weren't very professional...

First of all, they didn't shake my hand or anything...which I thought was normal practice. Then they just kind of left me standing there for a few minutes while they got their interview stuff in order...which is ok, but awkward. I go in and sit down, the guy I'm interviewing for is all slouching and looking like he just woke up, his wife is there too and she's got their 1 yr old (that's a guess) on her lap, screaming and going after her boob.

The interview starts with "sorry, he nurses" Then I can't come up with very good answers to dumb questions like where do you see yourself in 1,3,5 years...how many ways are there to file something blah blah. As if that wasn't bad enough, he wips out a 6 page "quiz" The first page is a typed page of a list of what I assume to all be famous people and you were supposed to identify who they are and why they're famous. I'm lucky if I knew 1/3 of them.

The next page is all abbreviations having to do with computer/business stuff, (DOS, PCI, BPM...blah blah) I think I probably got half of those right. the next page...all about game related stuff. Like what are the basic lands in magic...I don't fucking know. Some it I knew (my ex was into that stuff) but most if it I had no clue, and honestly don't really care. Next page was all if someone wants to return this and it looks like they used it to line their birdcage what do you do? kind of questions...I BSed my way thru that.

Then there was a page all about music/famous composers... pretty clueless on that. Then there was a page asking biblical questions, like the books in the new testament, got a few of those, but not all. and a little blurb that read...I kid you not "re-write this crap" "There was an old man from nantucket. He had six kids. Their favorite pet was a donkey. One day they fed clyde, the donkey carots and he lost consciousness and died. they buried him in a shallow trench and it soon started to stink" then they threw in some random questions like what are the sets of numbers at the bottom of a check.

I don't know, it just caught me off guard and I seriously doubt I'll be getting the job.

On the other hand though, I may have made up for what I lacked in knowledge with my personality cuz I had them both laughing pretty good. So I don't know.

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boys lie.

No we do not!!!!