mate, ur in NSW!
at the corner of ur street (usually near a bush for some reason) there should be a cylindrical pole about 1.5 meters high.
domed shaped.
here in queensland most taggers (graffiti artists) paint this stuff like a clown on acid.

anyway, take a crowbar, pop the lid and hookup a beige box to the two nodes that correspond with their home address number(PM me if u want the schematics for the box, ITS the only one iv ever built due to its simplicity :p ). call as many 1900#s as u want.

also, i dnt know about ur suburb, but my mail arrives precisely at 9:10am everyday. like clockwork.
make sure ur up at the time ur mail arrives, and boost their mail. if u can manage to get anything like a centrelink (welfare, for the non australian) document its perfect, cos if its their receipt it has their date of birth on it. (we'l use this on the next task)

if u can, get ur hands on their keycard. (i find the commonwealth bank is perfect when using this exploit, suncorps a bit more tricky) call into commonwealth bank (1300655325), tell em ur cards been lost.
they ask u ONLY 3 questions:
1. ur name
2. ur date of birth
3. ur residential adress
stupid i know, they dnt even ask for ur account number (which suncorp does). if they have a suncorp account, wait until uv boosted mail from them which is from suncorp.
suncorp identifies all their customers by account number, NOT name :p
HAHAHA! love being in laid back australia :p

anywho, once the bank knows ur cards stolen, they put a stop to it. (therefore uv fucked ur neighbours over for money access).
the operator will inform u that the card will be sent out within 5 working days and the PIN number will be sent out shortly after that.
u just continue boosting their mail until u have both card and pin number.
call into commonwealth/suncorp, tell em uv just received ur card.
theyl ask u the SAME three questions again.
once u answer correctly, theyl activate the card for u.
and now u go and clean out their account. (i prefer the atms in smaller shopping complexes. if ur in nsw, only one i know is in hurstville, near the Wesfield Shopping center).
then, u donate the money to World Vision and u can claim it back as tax. perfect timing to, cos tax has to be done at this time of year :p

or, u could go to ur neighbour and just ask politely to turn the music off.
but wheres the fun in that?
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